Horoscope december 17 sign

This full moon is also forming a sensitive and compassionate trine with Neptune, flushing you with emotional understanding and a dreamy sense of self.

December 17 Zodiac

This is a beautiful full moon for some romance, poetry, and manifesting. You have the power to create your own reality. Since this lunation will also form a sextile with spontaneous Uranus, you should expect some exciting news and changes. Sagittarius season ain't over yet and it's the last week of your solar return.

With Mercury in your first house of the self, along with the sun, you're still embracing the new and improved you while putting yourself out there with your signature fire-sign confidence. So much has changed for you since last year. They say your solar return is a time for beautiful revelations, careful planning for the year to come, and an overall celebration of who you are and where you've come from. You're in a process of not just enjoying your identity, but rethinking it.

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No one stays the same for long, so don't hold yourself to the same standards, limitations, and rules as before. It's time to polish off the finishing touches on some new ones.

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As of Dec. The energy in the air will match your intrinsic self, and everyone will suddenly be tuned in to everything that's important to you in life. Being the success-oriented, disciplined, and initiative zodiac sign that you are, this is the most energized time of year for you.

Planetary Row

There's so much power and possibility for you to totally revamp your world and plan for greatness. Learn from the mistakes you've made over the past year, thank yourself for how far you've come, keep moving forward, and enjoy your astrological rule as much as you can. However, as of this week, the sun rolls into earthy Capricorn and lands in your 10th house of career. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it will have you more concerned about practical matters.

Instead of living life for the experience of it all, this next phase of your life is about laying down the groundwork for your future, going after your dreams, and working hard to make your achievements happen.

December 17 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile

If you're unhappy with where your career's at, it's time to change things. There's no doubt your Sagittarius season wasn't easy. After all, Mercury — your ruling planet — was retrograding through your seventh house of partnerships, challenging your love and social life. Aside from that fact, Sagittarius is your opposite sign and its effects can easily challenge you on some level.

December 17 Sagittarius Personality

Even though this phase of your astrological journey is over, the next one is still a difficult one. As of Capricorn season, the sun enters your eighth house of death and rebirth. While this house can inspire sexual and spiritual connection while deepening your relationships with others and yourself, it can also have you facing your inner darkness.

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This house takes you to the bottom before rising to the top, so prepare for a serious transformation. One of the most enjoyable times of your year is nearly over.

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When the sun is in Sagittarius, it's also in your fifth house of fun and pleasure. Let's face it, how can you not be having a good time with your fifth house is activated? It's all about enjoying what life has to offer, creating art for the sake of creating art, and letting go of your inhibitions. This is why the beginning of Capricorn season could throw you for a loop.

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