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Daily Horoscope: Find out what the stars have in store for you - October 5, It's a new day, a new beginning. Daily Horoscope: Find out what the stars have in store for you today-October 1, It's a new day, a new beginning. Daily Horoscope: Find out what the stars have in store for you today - September 30, It's a new day, a new beginning. Daily Horoscope: Find out what the stars have in store for you today — September 29, It's a new day, a new beginning. Daily Horoscope: Find out what the stars have in store for you today- September 28, It's a new day, a new beginning.

Daily Horoscope: Find out what the stars have in store for you today—September 27, It's a new day, a new beginning. Daily Horoscope: Find out what the stars have in store for you today — September 26, Plan your day according to the daily predictions by Astro expert Sundeep Kochar. Daily Horoscope: Find out what the stars have in store for you today — September 25, Plan your day according to the daily predictions by Astro expert Sundeep Kochar.

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Deep Astrology Weekly Horoscope Oct 1-7 2019 Pluto Direct, Mercury in Scorpio, Mars in Libra

Festival shine. Make-up tips to suit your face shape. Designer Suneet Varma says apex court reforms give him freedom. The joy is in the journey. Bollywood divas sizzle on ramp at LFW Vastu Shastra for Juice Bar. Your Stars — Oct. Please comment on Micron MU. I think it is hammered due to trade war. I use solar return chart to see the direction of the movement of prices.

For Micron technology, the new year has just started. In my opnion this year is going to be an excellent one. To be more precise, October should produce very good results. Consequently I am not selling my shares. After carefully analyzing Bitcoin chart, it is my opinion that it can go higher from here. But you may wait for dips to buy. So far no regret.

I am not too sure for LLY. Please use other methods such as technical or fundamental analysis to make your decision. Is this bottomed yet or how it is looking in future? The varshphala during the period July to June does not seem very promising, although TSLA may have better luck during the months of July , November and May I think TSLA will hover in a range for some time to come. You may have to wait until the third quarter of to see it getting out of the range. This is my opinion based on solar return chart.

JD growth is not spectacular even after 5 years and it is one of your favorite stock. Is it possible that it needs another look how it does long term. I think JD will do better between May and May SQ should also be good for the rest of And also stock market temporary crash coming in end of this and early next year..

But if you have stomach to hold on, the stars suggest that it would recover and go higher. At this time both Venus and Mars have become combust. August could be a difficult period. I would hold until September to buy. But you should see when market is ready to recover before putting new money. I think the period between now and the end of August may not be as good as the last month and a half.

If you are thinking of shorting it you need to be extra careful, as it can bounce back quickly. Hello Raj, can you please let me know the ipo date time for beyond meat stock. Looks like ur analysis does not match with how stock behaved these two months. Have you analyzed this stock? The astro-chart of PINS is very good. Based on that I can say that if you stick with it, it may disappoint you in the long run. In my comment I put zoom.. Please comment on ZM how it will do short term and long term.

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On the first look, the stars appear very good for this company. I believe it is worth taking the risk for. Will it bounce from here or still bottom yet to come? This stock is showing cyclical behaviour for some time now. Using its astro-chart, it looks like one should stay away from it 2 more months. The months of July and Novemebre may turn out to be good. Can you please take a closer look at ZM stock if it does good bot short term and long term. Sun and Saturn are quite strong in ZM, but Moon is weak. It may therefore not fall in the category of market leaders, but it is going to last for long time.

I would not invest in it and forget. But I would consistently trade around it. I looked at the chart of SNAP for I think its performance would be ordinary, not too bad or too good. I think UNH has a very good astro-chart, but it looks like it will now take some time to recover, since it has fallen from to In other words it may move in a range for a year or two, before going above We are all fine. We have a first grandchild now. Sir, when you say intc not good for long term does it mean it may fall considerably in few years? When will the bad dasha starts for intc?

I could never high opinion about INTC. Three planets are in fall in its chart. But it does not mean that it will fall in few years. It can continue to go up and down for a long time. The best thing one can do about such a stock is to trade it. Buy when it moves above 20 day moving average and sell when it moves below the same moving average.

Hello sir, how would intc do astrologically in year ? You do not see any future for intc long term? When you say anet is good long term. Is there a number of years or particular year it is good for based on dasha and bukthi as per astrogical chart. I have given my astrological opinion about INTC. ANET on the other hand has a much better chart. I think one can make money sticking with it. You can also trade around it. That means, have fixed shares in your account, sell a few if it goes higher, and buy a few if it falls. Raj, Congratulations on your first grandchild. For daily forecast You do mention : Flat could mean slightly higher OR lower.

You then proceed to furnish for individual day as slightly high OR slightly low. It may be prudent to write Flat across the board for all days than slightly high OR low since it is already defined by you earlier. It makes predictions untrue while they are true most of the time which is they are slightly high OR low. Can you please provide guidance on Lyft and Uber stocks short term and long term and if they should also be bought as a section OR individually if at all they are up to it? I do not think Uber stock has yet come out. LYFT in my opinion is a mediocre stock.

It is not going to be like any one of QQQ Nasdaq stocks. How does BABA look short term and long term? Can it go the way amazon did since both have similar goals? To me BABA has a great chart and great for long term.

I think the time between Sept and Aug should be good period. I have been an investor on Facebook and Jd. Do you see the recovery happening in facebook is a long term and sustainable one or do you see the company has the potential to crash again. I have a feeling that the US China trade deal might happen any time soon atleast for the next one year or so.

Will there be a recovery on the JD. In my view, FB is a survivor, no matter what happens. I have faith in FB like MO. I would buy if it crashes again. JD has been my favorite. I think the solar year June to May can give us good return. INFY may do good for a few months, but last quarter of may be bad. It is better to go with a moving average. ANET is a very good stock astrologically. It could be volatile stock, but I would stick with it long term.

Your anticipation is slightly lower market up to April 15th. Also lower market after April 19, , does that still stand? The planet Sun is too close to Ketu in the first house. I have seen many stocks with tis configuration struggling and dying later on. There are many other good stocks. Please look elsewhere. SHOP is a Canadian company. If it was trading in Canada before that my reading would be wrong.

Raj, What months do you think would be steep decline in the market that will really trigger recession or bear market? Summer months or end of year? So do you think we will not see a new high breaking the old of sp or dow ? I expect the market to go down during the period of March May Then there may be a strong recovery until Aug 5. Then steep decline again until October Then strong recovery again until the end of year. So I think there will be a roller coaster in Let us see how things turn out to be. Right now market is Will it get lower than ?

My astrological models are not quantitative. I try only to see the direction of the move. I cannot talk in terms of numbers. I think XLNX could do better than many similar stocks, although it can see many swings in the because of the market. Hello Raj sir please comment on boeing stock BA. How w will it do Short term and lo g term. It takes few years to come back…different to what you sated here. My calculations do not support his view that it could take years for BA to come back. I think it is already on a path to recovery. As per the solar return chart, May can be very good, and June can be good.

But please do your own diligence before buying on my astrological reading. PLAN is a new company. My cursory analysis shows that it can be a good company bth short erm and long term. But I would like to do more analysis before I can become confidant. PLAN has very stron Saturn, which is good, but it has fallen Sun in the first house, which is not good.

So PLAN would be an ordinary stock, not a great one. I could find the first trade date in Canada. I therefore cannot comment on it. If you can find the date, it would be helpful. This is a good stock for the time being. But I cannot vouch for long term. As per my calculations the period June 09 — Aug 23 should be better. I know the sale of cigarettes are going down. So the market does not like it. I hope they will find something to remain relevant. Now I trade around the core on this stock. Is it possible to tell how canabis stocks do in general rest of and next year ? Raj how are you??

CNC is not on my radar. But UNH is a very good stock. In my opinion it is worth holding for long term.

Raj, Hey Raj what do you think about tesla stock. Do you think that in long term it is good to short the stock. I feel it will start going down and will not reach any high than now. Any financial challenges in future for him? The chart for TSLA is very good. I would not short it. It may flucuate for some time, but then it may go higher. I could not find exact time of birth of Elon Musk, so I cannot comment on his financial well being. Is it possible to predict when TSLA will start doing good?

Does it go bankrupt due to many issues it is not able to overcome past few years. I appreciate your guidance for the bio-sector.

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It did out-perform in the last week. In your view, when will be the sector turn bearish? Do you still think will be overall bearish? When do you expect the volatility to come back to the markets? Yes, my calculaions for February has gone wrong. I realized my mistake and corrected the forecast for March. But I could not change my forecast for February in the middle of February. I am reevaluating my forecast for the whole of I will let you know if I feel pressed to change it.

It happens. I am sorry if it has caused any inconvenience. Your blog is an interesting read overall though. I used to write the astrological explanations, then I stopped, because I found the readers are mostly interested in the results. I may start again. I find it very interesting. Raj, when you say things look good till April 20, do you mean to say oil will go up? When I say things look good, I mean the stock market, not the oil market. Oil in my opinion may not make any significant move in March Are you still comfortable with the prediction of negative growth of stock market overall in and ?

My calculaions for February has gone wrong. But I am reevaluating my forecast for the whole of Do you forecast that the downturn for stocks will last from April 20, till end of November and rise in December similar to what happened in ? It is becoming very difficult to make long term forecast. At the moment I want to work on correcting my monthly forecasts. Please wait for monthly updates. You used to be good Raj but have fallen behind many astrologers who use multiple parameters to predict the stock market , like uranus, neptune , pluto- valid in vedic astrology- see old vedic texts that refer to them , speed of mercury, star lords and so many others.

I still follow you and hope that your predictions improve. Thank you sir. I have lately changed my technique. That is why I sometimes criss-cross. But I am sure my results are going to be far better than before and many other fellow astrologers. Thank you for following me and checking on me from time to time. It looks like this market has been in up mode all of the Feb. This week also your prediction is for it to go up. But you monthly predictions for Feb are to be bearish. Just wondering when do you see this market turning down. Please look at the answer given to Shamin.

It is relelvant to your question also. I will let every one know if I see the market turning down. So far I am taking one month at a time. Hi, feb month prediction does not look correct. Market is still doing good and ur feb 18 weekly prediction is slightly higher which is contradicting ur monthly prediction. And march monthly prediction changed from bearish to bullish? How could the prediction change. It looks like I am going to be wrong on February prediction.

However, I have realize the point I missed while making February prediction. I have therefore corrected my prediction for March in time. Sorry if it has cuased any inconvenience. Raj, based on your new calculations do you still forecast the year to be bearish? Forecast for March and April is slightly bullish. In order to end bearish by end of the year it will have to go down quite a lot.

Can you comment? Are stocks physical or logical entity? How do stocks price fluctuate based on planetary positions only? Can we read the CEO birth chart and see how does it affects to the company growth? As we see that most of the Stocks are fluctuated based on trade policy, business structure and such and such, Can we do a little research and see the relation between US and China and US and Russia etc.

May be you are right on all of the above. But in the end it is the behaviour the participants to move the prices. When I study the chart of a stock I try to study the emotions prevailing in the market for that stock. Admittedly I have not been very successful on that.

Now I focus primarily on the direction of the stock market. That is also one of the reasons stocks prices go up and down. Hello Raj: This is such an interesting site and you do great work teaching us. Are there other months that are positive for US Dow Jones in —-and months you are most concerned about? Have a great day. I replied your question yesterday, but for some reason the answer did not go through. So I am writing again.

I generally would like to go month by month. So it is too eearly to answer your question. However it is possible that December may be a good month after bad August-October period. I would be interested what you think about what is happening with the UK ftse and the UK stock market as a whole. Any thoughts? Since I do not live in Europe I do not have much information about Brexit. I simply try to find the direction of US stock market.

Other markets simply follow US. They will come back some day. But it is my belief that market leadership is changing. The market is looking for new leaders. I am trying to study charts of the new companies to find the answer. I am glad it is doing fine. But I missed writing about them.

Now they have gone too high. I think next leader type stock could be LYFT. I will write about it in a few days. But it needs to correct first for me to consider it buying. The ascendant has Moon and Venus, surrounded by Mercury in the twelfth house and Jupiter in the second house. It is known as Adhi Yoga in astrology. But I missed on this one also. It has also gone too far now. I think it can see a correction in November or December. I may also jump on to this stock around the end of AAPL is a great company. It has already recovered from to May be it will recover more.

But the market is not favorable for 2 months now. If I were you, I will try to lighten up. Looking at the astro-chart of Disney, it is my opinion that the months of April and May be good for this stock. I need a little bit of luck too. It looks like I am going to be wrong on yearly forecast for Can you please provide prediction for BABA? You have been very accurate in your predictions and am doing lots of favor to your followers. Thank you for your very encouraging comments. If you are investing for the long run, it is my opinion that you will not be disappointed by Alibaba.

Jupiter and Moon in the third house should produce very good results. Will it be wise to sell the BABA stocks during down turn of market and buy them back after so same stocks can be bought at lesser price. Thanks a bunch for your guidance. That is your job to decide. I have lighten up considerably on many stocks to buy back a few at the end of March.

I think after lower February and March, April may be higher. This should result higher volatility. Raj, what do you think about sorting the comments based on newer to older. It looks Like the older comments are at the top. The earning report is on end of January so do you think it will do better after that or now is the right time to lay off some of that for quick profit as you mentioned market will suffer in summer on wards to Tim Cook mentioned slowing sales in China and stock dipped big time and I feel uneasy up to end of january if it takes even more dip than it is already now due to earnings.

AAPL is a brilliant company. You may be right when you say it take can another dip below. I have no astro chart for Lithium or any kind of data for Lithium. I therefore cannot make any prediction for Li. As you perhaps know I use solar return chart to make my predictions for the market. I did not find solar eclipses to make significant contribution towards the market direction. I therefore do not use them in my calculations.

Hi Sir, As per your predictions of bad for stocks. I have my opinion about the directoin of market. Some people may like to hold them through thick and thin. Raj, Happy newyear!!! Happy new year to you also. I do believe that and could be bad years. I think we are in a relief rally now after bad October, November and December This relief rally can go on until first week of February. Let us how it turns out. I also believe that good days for MU could come after June AMD, I believe will go up and down without any significant gain or loss.

Wish you a happy new year. I have been following your website for the last year. In general,i feel that you have been right when viewed at a monthly level than day to day — wondering if astrology should be viewed for general direction of the market on a slightly longer scale than day to day — I am taking away that your view for is negative barring the month of Jan — you think it is better to play it that way and get out. Do you think the market will be choppy or will there an opportunity to short the market post Jan?

Happy new Year. You are right when you say that it is easier to see the direction of the market on a monthly ot yearly basis, rather than daily basis. I believe not only Jan , but April may also be good. That is to say the market may go down in a choppy way. I will keep posting as the time goes. Overall I believe may produce negative results. Dr Raj — Wish you and your family a very happy and healthy holiday season and a great year ahead!

Raj, Will the sp reach to by January or Feb max? As per my system the period of January should be good and provide us a chance to protect our portfolios for coming bad period upto May Raj, Now that the fed have increased the interest rate yesterday and the market is selling off. How long do you think the market will take to be stable and even see slight increase after the bottom is reached.

Is it possible to reach around by January or February for SP? Or is it too high expectation? Because by May I feel it might really start going downward. I am planning to be all cash or bond by Feb. I sincerely think that we would get a chance to protect our portfolios in January I am planning to cash as much as I can, because the coming and may be bad. Hi, thanks for the prediction.

Mine using Thai astrology to predict global market sentiments.

Yearly Predictions for Birth Numbers 1 to 9 | Hirav Shah

Finding astrology is closely related to stock market movements. You mentioned that you believe will be a bearish year for stocks. Could you tell how much will the markets fall by? Using astrology I cannot predict in terms of numbers. I can only see the direction. In my view the period between May and May could be bad.

Thank you for all of your insight. Yes Venus direct would bring relief in my opinion.


But I think GG would do good in , although you should not expect straight line recovery. IN my opinion both stock should produce positive returns in as Jupiter has moved into Sagittarius now. I am curious how you made a prediction like that? Also based on Astrology? I have been trying to find an answer to this very question myself for the last couple of weeks.

In my opiniion, it is a time for new market leaderhip to emerge. All these stocks have great earnings. They will still do good, but not like they have been doing for the last decade or so. With the recent market action, seems like the Biotech section got hit pretty hard. I expect the biotech sector to do good in Hello Raj sir, on stock FB do you still hold the same astrological prediction that it will improve in ?

Any more downside to it? I think FB should better in , although may not be as good as in ,

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